What does decentralized mean?

Decentralized marketing is created on a smart contract that provides you with maximum security and stability.

A smart contract is an algorithm inside a cryptocurrency blockchain. In our case, this is ethereum, the number one cryptocurrency among those on which it is possible to create smart contracts.

Smart contracts, like cryptocurrencies, are decentralized. They will work strictly according to the established program, and no one can change it. They are uploaded to the blockchain network, and their work depends on millions of computers around the world! Therefore, they cannot be attacked! No one can change, or crack a smart contract! No one can stop them. What rules were laid down initially, such will be respected, and it is unshakable.

Ethereum Smart Contract

Impossible to Hack/Scam

Unlimited Referral Bonus


How to start XOXO Network
Global Powerline Autopool?

  • Let’s Start Unstoppable XOXO Network

    With every smart contract project you will need to setup for your smart contract wallet using METAMASK OR TRUST WALLET. Fund your wallet with 0.1 ETH to register for your entry for Autopool 1.

  • Instant P2P multi payments

    Start-up Amount is instantly distributed according to smart contract protocols up to 4th levels above the joined users according to Line of sponsors.

  • Zero Risk | Highest Profit Guarantees

    Member can refer as many as possible to earn unlimited 50% referral commissions according to smart contract protocols.
    Open source | Decentralized | Transparent Smart Contract deployed on Ethereum Blockchain Network. All transactions validation by EVM : Ethereum Virtual Mining Machines globally.

Members using Laptop PC should download METAMASK WALLET
to their Chrome browser extension.
Download link https://metamask.io

How does XOXO Network
Global Powerline Autopool Works?


Globally One line (Single-line) structure.
Every new user will be placed under previous joined user according to Autopool Entry amount transaction ’Timestamp.’

  • Entry For Powerline Autopool 1: Autopool 1 Entry amount is 0.1 ETH. User Pays Entry amount to previously joined users distributed according to smart contract protocols up to 4th levels above the joined users, according to Line of sponsors and it’s recorded on Ethereum Blockchain.
  • Entry From Powerline Autopool 2 - 7: Entry amount from Autopool 2 to Autopool 7 is paid to previously joined users based on timestamp and recorded on Ethereum Blockchain.
  • Timestamp: It is recorded by the Ethereum Blockchain that gives the received time of the respective transactions.
  • PowerLine: Every new user pays entry amount to previous joined user 100% from user’s wallet to user’s wallet. (Peer to peer )
  • Real Global Autopool: From Autopool 2 structure and above is irrespective to Autopool 1 or sponsors line. Hence this is real Powerline line Global Autopool system, gives opportunity to earn passive income by global growth of «XOXO NETWORK»
  • Pool Entry and Profit Protocols: Autopool 1 to 7 entry protocols are deployed and written on smart contract code.
  • Every New user can start from any Autopool 1 to Autopool 7
  • Autopool is single line structure is based on first come first served protocol.
  • To earn Autopool 1: 1 Direct Referral necessary
  • To enter Autopool 2 to 7: NO Direct Referral necessary
  • Profit: Every user get paid by newly joined users globally and by automatic re-entries on Autopool 2 to Autopool 7.

7 Autopool | 19 Users Globally
Earn Unlimited ETH Profit

Globally Powerline Autopool is connected to each other in consecutive way.
From Autopool 2 to Autopool 7 exception for Autopool 1

  • For Autopool 1 every user just need ONE (1) referral to qualify for earnings, distributed according to smart contract protocols up to 4th levels above the joined users. Once user cycle from Autopool 1 will earn 100% capital back of 0.1 ETH

Start Up Amount for Autopool 1
0.1 ETH

Level 1 : 50%

0.050 ETH

Level 2 : 25%

0.025 ETH

Level 3 : 15%

0.015 ETH

Level 4 : 10%

0.010 ETH

Member can refer as many as possible to earn unlimited referral commissions on Autopool 1 as a residual income.

  • Autopool 2 to Autopool 7 need NO Direct Referrals necessarily to participate. Your 1 Direct Referral required on Autopool 1 qualifies user to participate in any Autopool of their choice.

From Autopool 2 to 7 has a re-entry smart contract protocol deployed on the Ethereum Blockchain Network. Once a member earn and cycle out from a particular Autopool, part of earnings is paid back into that same Autopool to earn over and over again as a passive income and as well to keep the Network of that particular Autopool moving consistently. No more hit and run or fat cats at the top. Everyone wins!

  • In addition to Autopool 2 to 7, there is a 50% referral commission paid to sponsor, on each time and on each Autopool a user activates. Look at the diagram below from page 14 for better understanding. Total 19 Users Globally!